Mahmoud Youssef Mohamed Ahmed

Dr. Mahmoud Youssef (Mahmoud Y Ahmed), PhD

Former Head of Department of Business Information Systems

Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport
Alexandria, Egypt
Email: youssefm13 at gmail dot com




الموقع العربي للدكتور محمود يوسف

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Dr. Mahmoud Youssef is Assistant Professor in the department of Business Information Systems (BIS)  at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Egypt. From 2009 to 2010, Dr. Youssef was the Head of BIS and from 2007 to 2009, he was the Head of  E-Commerce department. From April 2010, Dr. Youssef has been on non-paid leave. He is currently serving as General Manager of Information Technology at the Mansour Manufacturing and Distribution Group.

He received  his PhD in Information Technology from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. In summer 2006, Dr. Youssef was a Visiting Scholar in the Center for Information Management, Integration and Connectivity (CIMIC) at Rutgers university. 

In the last few years, Dr. Youssef taught several technical and management related courses at the doctorate, master's and undergraduate programme in the Arab Academy as well as in Alexandria University. He has also taught several undergraduate and MBA courses in the Management Science and Information Systems department at Rutgers University and the School of Management in NJIT. In addition, he carried out several large IT projects in the College of Management and Technology (CMT) and Graduate School of Business (AAGSB) including implementation of the digital signage system, Moodle course management system, smart room, and video conferencing. 

Dr. Youssef provides consulting services in the areas of E-Business Applications Development and Deployment, Enterprise Systems, Work Process Design, Computer Networks, and Information Security.

Before joining the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Dr. Youssef worked as a network engineer for the World Health Organization (WHO) -- a United Nations organization.

Dr. Youssef's research interests include semantic representation and matching in E-commerce, and Semantic Web Services and their applications to trust and security. He has also conducted research on privacy in mobile services, mobile commerce, information security, indexing of high dimensional data, workflow security, distributed objects, and moving objects databases. His research was published in top ACM, IEEE conferences and Professional Journals.

Dr. Youssef holds Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft certified Trainer titles.


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